You Only Get Lucky on Valentine's

You Only Get Lucky on Valentine’s

When Gregg’s roommate, Angie, tries to find him suitable dates in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, they truly learn the meaning of, ‘love is blind… very blind’.

Notes from the director:
There are a lot of fun tidbits to this short film. First, this was one of the few projects that we did under the “4 Doors from a Strip Club” name. James McCartney (Sunny), one of our team’s regulars, came up with that name, because our base-camp in North Hollywood was, literally, four doors from a strip club! When we moved away from that place, I was more than happy to drop the name, though James still bugs me about using the name again to this day.

Speaking of James, if he’s not starring in one of our projects, he’s always making the most interesting cameos! I still have nightmares about the scene we performed together in this film! Because he’s one of my best friends from college — and one of my improv class buddies — it’s really easy to create something funny or ridiculous when he’s around. The entire scene between us was improvised, and the crew especially didn’t expect me to run out of ‘Sunny’s’ door the way I did!

This project was also the first project where our cast & crew wrote the story as a collaborative group. It was challenging, at time, to hear so many voices, but the magic happened when each actor brought their own characters to life with new and funny ideas. Jokes from everyone were flying everywhere, and the best ones stuck on our board!

I originally wanted to only direct this project, back when we didn’t have a story. However, when the crew explained to me their idea of a romantic comedy that takes advantage of the special “chemistry” between Halie and me, I knew I had to start preparing my “camera-face”!

Directed by: Joseph Tran

Written by: Laurette Williams, Laura Clark Greaver, Halie Rosenberg, Joseph Tran

Starring: Halie Rosenberg, Joseph Tran

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010, 2012 (new release)

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