The Coldest Winter

The Coldest Winter — a short film about two childhood best friends who take a yearly, ritualistic trip, only to find the coldness that awaits them.

Notes from the director:
This film was produced at an interesting time for James, Andy, and me. We were fresh off the energy of two of our award-winning shorts, and looking for the next challenge. It came in the form of a short-film competition with a five-minute limit.

At the time, Andy and James were having some issues in their personal lives. I wanted to take advantage of that and see if I could tap into some of that energy.

Moreover, James and Andy were used to acting in comedic roles, and I wanted to give them something totally out of their norm, their comfort zone.

I started with asking the two about how they felt about their relationships. From there, our storyline was hashed out within a couple nights.

James and Andy barely had time to construct the picture car rig (used in the scene where the camera is on the outside of the car as the guys are driving to the mountains), and I barely had the time to get all the equipment together. With not even a two-day shooting schedule followed by a rapidly approaching deadline, we had NO time to round up additional personnel. Luckily, my sister Jennifer stepped in to help, and we ended up producing this short with just four people.

Although this particular piece did not publicly do as well as our previous pieces, it was a hugely rewarding piece for all of us personally. I saw two guys, going through some tough times, put into two tough roles. We produced a short-film that’s totally different from what we usually produce.

This is definitely the most somber piece we’ve ever created, so make sure you watch one of our livelier shorts after this one. Please enjoy the director’s cut of, “THE COLDEST WINTER”. 

Directed by: Joseph Tran

Written by: Joseph Tran, Andy Dugan, James McCartney

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Adventure

Year: 2010, 2011 (new release)

Status: Completed


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