Meet Moving Train’s producers…

Joseph Tran – Artistic Director

Nicknames: Data, Shortround
Always in a suit with a casual elan, Joseph is the co-founder of Moving Train, former head of all west coast projects, and current captain of the team.  With a theatrically trained background, he ensures the story always comes first.  A graduate of both Theatre and Multimedia Production at CSU, Northridge, Joseph finds equal comfort behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera.  His experience ranges from building sets and post-production, to acting in major motion pictures and performing live in front of thousands of people.  For years, Joseph lent his expertise to NBC Universal as a Production Specialist.  Today, when not working on Moving Train’s projects, Joseph travels the country as an accomplished actor and magician. And no, he does not make our debts ‘magically disappear’.

George S. Nader – Senior Writer

Nickname: Naderiffic
An avid writer, reader, film & television aficionado, George joined Moving Train in December 2011. Always ready with a bad pun or corny joke, his skills as a writer have benefited from years of work on major network television dramas such as “Legend of the Seeker” and “Army Wives.” A graduate from George Mason University, to this day he is proud to say his scripts have been met with unanimous praise from his parents since he was 12. While George wouldn’t necessarily call himself a “wordsmith,” he has managed to pick up a few things along the way. With his ever-present smile and good nature, George is always happy to be in the midst of a project and working.

Alexandra Wojciechowska – Senior Writer

Nickname: Lexie
With a name as long as hers, it was inevitable that Lexie would make a career out of letters. After studying Creative Writing for Modern Media Markets at Scripps College, she has applied her love of wordplay to everything from short and feature-length scripts, PR for a medical venture capital group, and original web content for clients scattered across the globe. She brings a deep and loving understanding of script and story structure – she’s so good at this, that companies like Strike Entertainment, Warner Independent Pictures and International Creative Management (ICM) have hired her as an independent script analyst. She can’t wait for the day that award presenters try to pronounce her last name.

James D. McCartney – Technical Director

Nickname: Chewbacca, Sasquatch
Some call him eclectic, some call him a genius, some just call him plain hairy.  He has studied all aspects of the arts, from Acting at the California Institute of the Arts, to Cirque at the Commedia del’Arte School of the Arts, to Theatrical Technology at CSU, Northridge.  With an amazing ability for improvisational comedy,  James is also a regular actor in many of Moving Train’s projects.

Tracy Needham – Artistic Director Emerita

Nickname: Bosswoman
As the co-founder and former primary force behind Moving Train, the team relied on Tracy’s experience and artistic vision to drive the company forward with meaningful projects.  A bohemian in the truest sense, Tracy majored in Entertainment Industry Relations and Filmmaking at NYU.  During that time, she paid her way through college as a fashion consultant and print model.  Tracy never stops.  Her ability to multitask and handle several projects at a time, along with her experience with PR and New Media, has earned Tracy her current position as VP for a major marketing and media company.  With all that, she still finds the time to direct commercial specs and live events for Moving Train’s east coast projects.



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