Reasons Not to Date a Magician

Moving Train Pictures presents: REASONS NOT TO DATE A MAGICIAN – a web-series parodying the difficulties of dating a master conjurer filled with a variety of unique sleight of hand skills.

Episode 1.01:


Episode 1.02:


Episode 1.03:

REASONS NOT TO DATE A MAGICIAN’s pilot and following episodes launched on March 24, 2013.  2 seasons are planned to go into production so far, with 10 episodes comprising one season.  Three episodes will initially launch per week, with additional episodes launching every three weeks.

Series Created by: Alexandra Wojciechowska

Written by: Alexandra Wojciechowska & Joseph Tran

Directed by: Joseph Tran

Starring: Joseph Tran, Alyssa Marquez, Beth Nintzel, Shelley Dennis

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2013

Status: In Production


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