Food is the Way to a Man’s Heart

The MMJT Entertainment Group and Moving Train Pictures present: Food is the Way to a Man’s Heart — a short film about the importance of food and its roadmap to a man’s heart.

Steve wants to impress his new girlfriend, but he’s chosen a method that puts him over his head. After enlisting the help of his two closest friends, Steve decides to take the chance and cook her favorite dish.

Notes from the director:
“This was a very fun shoot! Most of the comments from Steve’s two friends were improvised. I acted out the first two takes with a regular accent before I suddenly used an Asian accent. It was on a whim, something I chose to do for the hell of it. That made our other actor, Neil, laugh hysterically through almost every take. It became a competition to me — how many times could I make Neil break character? Little did I realize that became a part of the charm of the piece.

I also enjoyed lighting James’ arm on fire. We took this stunt very seriously — James wore several layers of fire-resistant material underneath this top shirt, and had two fire extinguishers ready to put him out.

This piece was inspired by a true story — I was learning how to cook at that time, and wanted to impress a girl. It was Andy’s suggestion that I write about it. Luckily for me, the mishaps in this short film, especially the ending were not a true story — those parts, at least, were all fiction. This time, anyway.”

Written & Directed by: Joseph Tran

Starring: James McCartney, Neil Arnote, Joseph Tran

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2010, 2012 (re-release)

Status: Completed


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