Fish Like to Travel in Pairs

The MMJT Entertainment Group presents, a Moving Train Pictures production: “FISH LIKE TO TRAVEL IN PAIRS” — a short film about small “fish” traveling in a big world.

Notes from the director:
“I first got the idea for FISH while waiting for the subway (and people-watching) here in Los Angeles. Rush hour was in full swing, so there were people walking in every direction. “Like fish”, I thought to myself. It was almost surreal how people were walking, waiting, going about their business in such close proximity to one another; and yet, none of these strangers ever acknowledged each other. Its as if the other people didn’t exist.

Then, as the subway train arrived, I saw something very special — a little girl with her dad exited the train as a little boy and his mom boarded. As they crossed each others path, the kids eyes locked and smiles where exchanged. The moment ended very quickly as their parents whisked them away, but it was such a genuine moment.

That moment sparked the idea for FISH. As the train ferried us to the next station, I watched the little boy, bright eyed and excited (I’m assuming this was his first time riding the subway). I couldn’t help but wonder, “What if the little girl got on the train?”

It wasn’t until one of our film competitions where I rehashed that idea from the back of my head. While I originally envisioned the boy and girl to be somewhere between 13-15, the original actors dropped out at the last minute because of conflicts between their school and our shooting schedule.

While we were rushing to recast the film, James said, “Well, who looks the youngest out of all of us?” All eyes suddenly turned to me.

Please enjoy the extended version of, FISH LIKE TO TRAVEL IN PAIRS.”

Written & Directed by: Joseph Tran

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Adventure

Year: 2010, 2011 (new release)

Status: Completed


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