Mission Statement

It is the goal of Moving Train Pictures to produce entertaining, thought provoking films focused on the intricacies of the human spirit.

Through our line of services, our goal is to provide our clients the same care and detailed attention given to our own productions with a cinematic flair.

The success of Moving Train Pictures ultimately depends on our ability to embrace the different backgrounds and cultures within our diverse roster of talent and the rest of the world.

Company Profile

Moving Train Pictures is an award-winning joint venture between the MMJT Entertainment Group and Sector 12 Studios – long time partners in the entertainment and production industry.  Previously headquartered in New York with hubs in California and Florida, the picture company was formed to combine the partnership’s videography & photography specialties for their various clientele’s corporate industrial, wedding & event coverage, and commercial spec productions.  Moving Train later expanded to include experimental and short film productions for the festival circuit.

Moving Train receives the bulk of its funding from these two entities along with private investors and income generated from its services.

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