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Imagine yourself aboard a train… you bump into someone… a stranger. When you disembark, will that person remain a stranger, or will that person become one of your great allies?

That is the inspiration of Moving Train Pictures. Its players – talented artists, storytellers, and technicians – all come from different walks of life. Together, with different upbringings, different training, different styles of art, they combine their energies with a unified passion for storytelling and movie-making.

Imagine every story we tell is a person aboard that proverbial train. Will you find a connection with one of these people? Will you learn something new? Which one of those people will you learn it from? It’s time to climb aboard. The train is about to depart. Welcome to the site of Moving Train Pictures.

latest news…

Moving Train just completed moving its HQ from New York, to two hubs in Tampa and Los Angeles. Amongst our move, we shot a few new projects, and are preparing to upload them to our newly revamped website! We’ve certainly have a full plate on our hands, so please ‘pardon our dust’ as we make our updates, and come back soon to see what we’ve been up to!